Monday, April 15, 2013

Copper Roofing Guide - Installation Basics

Copper, a lightweight and flexible metal, had been used for construction, art, and weaponry for thousands of years. Copper is an extremely long lasting building material offering beauty, and durability. Roofs protected with copper are known to last for over 100 years. The newly installed copper roof changes its color from gold to green through a process known as patina weathering. The patina gives copper roofs distinct look of style, class, longevity and beauty.


Copper Shingles Installation Basics

When installing copper roofing, building owners can consider two types of copper roofing; copper shingles
works for the historical and contemporary buildings. Copper shingles are easy to install, provide reliable protection and distinct beauty of copper. Standing-seam metal roofing is another option for copper roofing installation. While copper shingles can be installed by using a four way interlocking shingle design to hold shingles in place, standing-seam copper roofing installation will require soldering skills.

Buying Materials

Getting copper shingles is easier than you think. You can buy copper shingles materials from Paradigm shingles, and Zappone. However, copper roofing is expensive be prepared to pay anywhere from 8 to 11 dollars per square foot of copper shingles roofing. Alternatively, you can obtain copper sheet roofing panels from your local roofing supply warehouse. Beacon Roofing and ABC Supply are just some of the popular metal roofing supplies warehouses where you can get copper pans available in 16oz, or 20oz thickness.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How Electricity is Produced, Transmitted and Distributed

Electricity is a one of the many forms of energy that begins with atoms. Although atoms are a little too small to see, everything around us is made up of them. And all atoms are made up of subatomic particles, which are called electrons and protons. Electricity is an energy that is associated with the buildup/movement of electrons plus protons. This energy is created by having the electrons flow from atom to atom.

How Electricity is Generated

Electricity travels a long way before reaching our homes in states from New York to Texas. Electricity is generated in a number of ways like solar methods and geothermal methods. While the solar method works by capturing the sun’s energy and transforming it into powerful electrical energy (via conductive materials), the geothermal method uses earth’s heat in order to produce steam that in turn creates electricity.

Electrical energy is distributed to different substations (in varying amounts). The place of generation of the electricity is known as the ‘generating station’. This station can either be publicly owned where the government utilizes the resources found in the state’s property or it can also be privately owned wherein the resources are discovered on a certain private location. The site’s owner can work on developing this property and building a privately operated electricity generating system, running an electricity company of his own (if you happen to live in Texas, then a good place to compare electricity companies is

How Electricity is Transmitted and Distributed

Once electricity is produced at power plants, it reaches us through power lines carrying the electricity. These power lines are spread across the entire country. Electricity first travels to a transformer at the ‘power plant’, where the voltage is boosted up to 400,000 volts. The transmission lines (which are in the form of long thick cables) are made up of aluminium or copper, since they have low resistance. These high voltage lines happen to carry electricity to a substation, traveling long distances.

The power lines then go into substations near homes, factories and businesses. This is where the transformers change or alter the high voltage electricity to lower voltage electricity. Then from these substations electricity is used to run everything from streetcars to factories, along with lighting up street lights and supply power to your neighborhood. Next, a utility box or a small converter (which is mounted on a pole) converts the power and brings it down to a lower levels so that it can be used in houses.

Upon entering your home, the electricity passes through a meter, which tells the utility company how much electricity has been used and what amount you should be billed. Once the metering is done, the electricity travels via a fuse box right into your home. This fuse box acts as a protection in case of any problems.


All in all, we can see that the whole process of production, transmission and distribution of electricity is quite complicated. However, since electricity has become such an integral part of our lives today, this whole system works smoothly and efficiently in the hands of the right people.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Metal Roofing Types, Colors, and Options

When it comes to residential metal roofing, there are 4 types of systems available on the market today; standing seam, metal shingles, corrugated metal roofing, and metal tiles. The following is a basic overview highlighting pros and cons of the following four systems:

  • Standing Seam is the industry term for the sheet metal roofing panels that can be fabricated on site or off-site after the roof has been measured. It has a distinct look of vertical panels running side by side, with a characteristic raised rib or the seam that joins the panels together in a side by side fashion. Standing seam panels are available in different widths, with 12 and 16 inch wide panels being the commonly chosen size for residential homes. The best part about standing seam is that it is a system with concealed fasteners, which eliminates the possibility of a future roof leak due to a fastener that may become loose and fail, or due to a rubber seal around the fastener drying out. Another advantage of choosing a  standing seam roof is that it can also be easily integrated with PV solar panels that can be secured on the roof with a help of a special bracketing system attached to the seams of the roof.
Standing Seam Metal Roof on a salt-box house in the woods

  • Metal Shingles is another common type of residential metal roofing system comprised of interlocked metal shingles or tiles. Metal Shingles can be made out of galvanized steel, aluminum, or copper. There are also stone coated galvanized steel shingles that have the look resembling the look of asphalt shingles.
Metal Shingles Roofing Installation
  • Corrugated Metal Roofing is a less costly option compared to standing seam or metal shingles because it is commonly made out of thinner grade metals, and coated with a lesser quality paint finish such as acrylic as opposed to a better quality paint like Kynar 500/Hylar 5000 - the industry standard for high quality paint finishes available in a great variety of colors, and covered by 30 years warranty. Corrugated metal roofing systems have one disadvantage; the overlapping panels are held in place, by the exposed fasteners, which exposes the roofing system to a possibility of a roof leak when the rubber seals around the screws dry out, or when the screws become loose. There are some corrugated metal roofs that may be appropriate for residential homes due to the use of a thicker/better metal, and higher quality paint finish such as Kynar 500.
  • Metal Tiles are another type of a system that may come as pre-painted metal, or as stone coated tiles.
System Selection Factors to Keep in Mind

Regardless of which system you choose it is very important to compare the following factors: expected lifespan, roof slope requirements, material type and thickness, pain finish, and the system and labor warranty.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memorial Day Sale on Whirlpool Appliances at Outlet Store

Have you been living with an old fridge or dishwasher that looks outdated in your kitchen and lacks many of the convenient features of the newer appliances? Now is the perfect time to make the switch and get brand new, high quality appliances for your kitchen at the Whirlpool Appliances Outlet. The prices at the outlet are always wallet-friendly, but they are being slashed even more for the Memorial Day Sale. Don't miss out on extra discounts of $50-100, as well as Free Delivery on qualifying purchases.

In addition to paying less upfront, you can take advantage of savings on your electricity bill throughout the year by buying Energy Star rated appliances. Not only will you be saving some cash, you will help our environment by reducing energy waste. Treat your family to new kitchen appliances that will make your daily chores such as cooking and washing the dishes more efficient, convenient, and pleasurable.

The Whirlpool Outlet Advantage

Whirlpool appliances are top notch products that provide exceptional performance, convenient extra features, and energy efficiency options all at a reasonable cost. At the Whirlpool outlet you will have the advantage of selecting from brand new closeout or overstocked Whirlpool appliances at factory direct savings of 20-40%. You can choose from a wide range of refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens as well as filters and accessories for all your appliances needs. All models are brand new-in-box and come with the original manufacturer warranty. Shop with confidence, knowing that virtually all major appliances at the outlet feature at least one year of limited warranty coverage for replacement parts and/or repair labor. Your purchase will be promptly delivered to your home and you can also take advantage of the optional professional installation.

Why buy energy efficient appliances?

Did you know that the average home causes more air pollution than an average car, also wasting money in the process? This happens because much of the energy used to power our homes, including our appliances, comes from power plants which burn fossil fuels to power the electric products we use. In turn, burning these fossil fuels causes air pollution and smog, contributing to global warming. You may be surprised that by using energy efficient appliances you not only help our planet, but also save a lot of money. If you equip your home with all energy efficient appliances, you can save as much as $400 a year on your utility bills.

How to shop for an energy efficient appliance?

When you go to WhirlPool Appliances outlet website, or to any new appliances store for that matter, you will notice that all of the appliances look similar on the outside, giving nothing away about their energy efficiency. Here is what you can do to purchase the most energy efficient and cost saving appliance for your home:

1. Consider the size of appliance you will need.

The fact of the matter is that bigger appliances use more energy than smaller ones. Think about your household needs: how many people live in your home, how often do you cook or wash the dishes, how much food do you typically store in your fridge? If you get a bigger appliance than the one you need, you will not only pay more for it upfront, but will also incur higher utility bills throughout the year.

2. Don't be deterred by a higher price tag.

You may notice that some energy efficient appliances cost more than regular appliances. This should not stop you from purchasing it, as in fact you will save a lot of money over the life of the appliance on your utility bills. This is like making a smart initial investment that will quickly pay for itself and will continue to provide a return on your investment over time.

3. Read the Energy Guide Label.

The FTC requires all new appliances, except kitchen ranges, microwave ovens and clothes dryers, to have a yellow and black energy label. The label states the estimated annual energy consumption of the appliance. You should read the energy label on all appliances you are considering purchasing so that you can compare different models on the basis of their energy use. Look for appliances that have a LOW number of the energy efficiency rating, denoting the fact that they use less energy to operate.

4. Look for the Energy Star Label.

If you want to buy the most energy efficient appliances for your home, you should look for ones that have an Energy Star label. The Energy Star Label has been created by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy to help consumers save money and reduce air pollution. Appliances get this label if they are able to exceed the minimum energy efficiency standards set forth by the government. As a result, appliances with this label will be significantly more energy-efficient than a comparable model without the Energy Star label.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Residential Metal Roofing Advantages & Benefits

Many people erroneously associate metal roofing with an unsightly image of an old rusty metal roof on a barn... While others may still think that a beautiful metal roof they may have seen on a custom designed home, is an unattainable luxury for them...

The truth, however, is that modern residential metal roofing has come a long way from the old rusty metal roofs on industrial and agricultural barns of the past, and there are now some terrific options available to many homeowners looking for a durable, long lasting and energy efficient roof.

Types of Metal Roofing Materials

Metal roofing systems such as high-end architectural standing seam made of zinc, or copper can be quite expensive. While, galvanized steel and aluminum shingles coated with Kynar 500 high performance, solar reflective paint finish, are some of the more affordable options available to homeowners.

Metal Shingles offer good value, durability and longevity for residential roofs.
G-90 Galvanized steel has a proven track record and a very long lifespan. Aluminum is a permanent light weight metal that is great for retrofitting residential roofs and building envelopes of homes and commercial buildings.

Copper, zinc, and stainless steel roofing can also offer very attractive options for high-end homes, historic, commercial, and institutional buildings.

Metal Shakes is a style resembling cedar/wood shakes, but unlike the organic cedar shakes, metal shakes are far more durable and longer lasting. They will not chip, peel or crack in the sun. Metal Shakes come in a variety of finishes to fit the style and color of your home and the surroundings. For a homeowner who wants a traditional look of Cedar shakes, metal shakes provide a naturally longer lasting option than the wood shakes they are made to resemble.

Stone Coated Steel - Metals with a faux stone finish attached to a galvanized steel shingle can be a great option for homeowners who want a traditional look of asphalt, with the reliability and durability of metal. Stone coated steel roofs are commonly installed in Florida.

The Benefits of Metal Roofing

Aside from giving your home a brilliant look, there are many practical benefits of metal roofing. Straight off, metal roofs are lightweight and extremely durable and long lasting.
This makes metal roofs especially suitable for fragile buildings in hurricane prone areas, or areas with a lot of sun, or snow.

Longevity and Durability

Metal roofing does not crack or rot and it doesn’t warp or curl. Neither standing seam metal roofing panels, nor metal shingles will split, break or burn. paint finishes are not prone to peeling. Metal provides great protection and resistance to freezing and thawing, snow, hail, UV radiation from the sun, wind and forest fires.

Virtually no maintenance costs

Provided that your metal roof was installed correctly, there are no maintenance costs other than maybe the occasional brushing down of leaves there is no maintenance required. The only exception can be corrugate metal roofing, which has exposed fasteners and may require re-tightening of the screws every 10-15 years.

Long warranties

Thanks to the longevity and durability of the materials used in metal roofing, manufacturers and installers are happy to provide very long warranties and guarantees.

Energy Efficiency

Metal roofs help you save money with reduced heating and cooling costs and some materials have been shown to present costs savings of up to 40% compared to conventional roofs.

Increased resale value

A metal roof installed on a residence means that there should be no need for a new roof in the future. Potential buyers know that they never have to think about putting on a new roof on a house they consider buying.

Increased aesthetic appeal and curb value

With a range of style options, a metal roof perfectly complements any type of home and fits with any neighbourhood. They are also ideal for historic buildings that require replacement roofs as they can bring the building right up to date whilst retaining the original look.

Environmentally friendly

Metal roofing is 100% recyclable, which makes it a green alternative to the oil based asphalt shingles polluting our landfill sites.

Metal Shingle Roofs can be installed over an existing Roof.

A new metal roof can also be laid over an existing roof without the need to remove the shingles or tiles that are already there. This will help reduce the cost of a new roof installation and save in a lot of mess having to be cleared up before the job can start proper.

Naturally, anything that has advantages may also have some downsides... Right?

Disadvantages of Metal Roofs

Contrary to what you might imagine, noise is not a disadvantage of metal roofs. The materials and method of installation means there is plenty of sound insulation. One disadvantage though comes should the roof become, albeit unlikely, damaged. It is much easier to repair or replace a broken tile or shingle than it is to replace a large metal panel.

Perhaps the biggest disadvantage and deterrent to homeowners is the higher initial cost. Metal roof installations are more expensive than other roofing types however, with the low maintenance costs, a reduction in energy bills, reduced insurance premiums and a potential increase in house value, the initial expense is easily offset by the future benefits.

Bottom Line

There is a wide range of various types of metal paneling – corrugated metal sheets, ribbed, plain, snap locking standing seam with hidden fasteners, metal shingles and tiles, with a whole slew of designs to give your home that traditional, or contemporary look.

If you want a house with a roof that looks like it is made of clay Spanish tile, or welsh grey slate, you can have it all in a new metal roof.

Advantages of a metal roof far outweigh the disadvantages, and by choosing a metal roof, you will not only enhance the looks of your home, but you will also benefit from a reliable and long lasting defense from severe weather, hail, snow, ice and wind driven water.

Residential Metal Roofing Prices Update for 2012

As environmental awareness continues to spread in America, the homeowners are starting to embrace green building technologies to make their homes greener and more energy efficient. Like many other energy efficient green building products, metal roofing is continuing to gain popularity and market share as the most energy efficient roofing material for residential homes.

For most people metal roofing is a high-end remodeling project that provides a beautifully looking and reliable roofing alternative to conventional asphalt . When homeowners consider a new roof for their home, the first thing they focus on is metal roof pricing. According to remodeling magazine a national average price for a new standing-seam metal roof installed on a 30 squares home was around $42,000, while the same roof done with asphalt would cost $22,500. The roofing job included the complete tear-off and the clean-up of the old shingles.

Based on these numbers, metal roofing costs are nearly double of what you would normally pay for an asphalt shingle roof. Clearly, metal roofs are pricier than their energy inefficient and environmentally unfriendly, petroleum based counterparts. Despite this significant difference in the initial costs, metal roofing has been gaining roofing product market share with some very steady upward-bound momentum, making it one of the fastest growing roofing products in America. So, what is it that makes metal roofing such an attractive option for homeowners?

The answer lies in the reliability and longevity that metal roofs have to offer. Modern metal roofs are expected to last for many decades. While an asphalt shingle roof averages less than 20 years of useful life, professionally installed metal roofs can last well over 50 years. Metal roofing has an impeccable track record for longevity and reliability that dates back to the early 19th century when zinc roofs became popular in Europe. Zinc roofs perform extremely well lasting in many cases over 100 years. In fact, many zinc metal roofs installed in France are still protecting the buildings today.

Metal roofing offers many different styles and material options to the building owners. Starting from a zinc and aluminum coated steel roofing, to zinc and copper roofing. Style wise, metal roofs are made in traditional profiles such as metal shingles, metal shakes, and tiles. Modern profiles such as standing-seam, and custom designed metal roofing profiles are also available.

Metal roofs are fully recyclable when the time comes to replace them. Many metal roofing systems available on the market today contain over 30 percent of post consumer recycled metal content. Metal roofs are available in greater variety of of colors, with many profiles approved and rated by a energy star and cool roof council. Cool metal roofing colors can provide energy savings of up to 35% in the summer.

Metal roofing helps homeowners save money, make their home beautiful and more energy efficient, save money on air conditioning costs, and qualify for green building tax credits from the Govt. When shopping for a new metal roof make sure that You only hire experienced metal roofing contractors who can show you their work and provide good workmanship.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Green Home Tips

Do you consider yourself a green living friendly person?

Chances are that you would love to become greener, but you think that it is going to require too much time and effort... I know that it may seem overwhelming at first, and you may feel like you do not know where to begin, but the reality is that it is actually quite easy to green up your life.

Let me suggest just a few simple steps that will help you become greener, and more earth friendly:

Start Recycling

You know these blue plastic boxes the city is providing you for free? Why not start using it. It will only take a little bit of extra time to sort out all your plastic bottles and put them in that blue box. It is well worth the effort and it will make our environment greener.

Ride a bike when you can!
So, why not take that bike that has been seating in your garage for years and take it out for a little ride in the neighborhood next time you need to go somewhere close by. Biking is an excellent exercise that will not only help you build up your legs, but it will also spare the unnecessary emission deposits into the environment. Simply put, Biking is healthy, fun and refreshing.

Get those energy efficient bulbs.
Next time you go shopping to Wall Mart or Home Improvement Store, why not get those energy efficient bulbs and replace all the regular bulbs in your home, or in the stair way if you live in a small apartment building.

Shovel Like there is no tomorrow.
I know winter is just around the corner. So next time it snows hold yourself from starting that crazy snow shoveling machine and grab a shovel instead! Shoveling can be a great exercise that builds muscles and burns the extra pounds!

Alright those were some simple tips that come to mind and can be a great way to get you started thinking about all the other ways you can green up your life. Now that we got our mind going, let's move to more advanced ways to green up your home.

Energy Efficient Home Improvements:

Here are some of the ways you can make your home greener next time you are doing renovations in your home.

Energy Efficient Windows

Are your old windows letting cold air in from the street and are difficult to open. Why not replace your old windows with energy efficient windows that will help keep your home warmer or cooler depending on the season and will save you tons of money on heating and cooling costs.

Green Roofing for slope roofs

Is your old roof curling and cracking? Perhaps it is time to upgrade to a newer energy efficient roof. There are many green roofing options available. Consider installing a greener roof system made out of steel, aluminum or copper. Metal can provide excellent energy efficiency benefits and a new metal roof could last a lifetime of your home.

Energy Efficient roofing for flat roofs

If your house has a flat roof and metal roof is not an option, then you can still benefit from an energy efficient IB cool flat roof system that reflects solar radiation and can outlast most conventional roofs by a factor of 3! You could also get your roof set up with roof integrated solar panels that can provide some free electricity for your home. Talking about the ways to really go green!